Left-Winged Chickens Come Home to Roost at Liberal Colleges

Left Winged Chickens

Most people agree that, with a few notable exceptions, university campuses are the redoubts of liberals—faculty, staff, and students.  And that seems to create an incubator for left wing violent and disruptive protests, seen by the college administrators and national media as a justifiable if boisterous outcry against obvious injustice; i.e. any conservative person or idea.

HardWired News has written before that conservatives are people who believe a nation based upon market capitalism, a socio-economic system of rewards and consequences, limited government, and personal freedom has been and will continue to be the best road to America’s success for her people.  They also believe in a strong social safety net for those people needing help.  Conservatives are correctly most frequently associated with the center-right wings of the Republican Party and Libertarians, although many so-called political independents fit the bill.  Despite the bigoted beliefs of some on the left, groups such as the Neo-Nazis, KKK, skinheads or other white supremacist groups find no harbor among the conservative establishment.  The left’s view of conservatives as haters is as politically self-serving and ironic as it is bogus. (See HardWired News: The Ascent of Bigotry)

MissouBut more and more the tolerance shown the extreme left by liberal colleges is turning back against them.  At the University of Missouri, between 2010 and 2015 a few isolated and in some cases unsubstantiated racial confrontations led to a series of increasingly unruly (and arguably baseless) protests.  Emboldened by the lack of restraints from the University or local law enforcement, the protests became increasingly frequent, threatening and demanding.  While the school had done nothing to cause or condone the alleged racial incidents and had Missou protestbent over backward to placate the protesters, nonetheless the administration acceded to the demands with the president and chancellor resigning as de facto racists.  At Evergreen State College in the uberliberal state of Washington, violent protests erupted after the college would not agree to demands that white students be banned from campus during a planned event on racism.  The Washington Post said

“The public university in Washington state has attracted national attention in recent days after protests over race erupted and video of the unrest on campus went viral. Last week, students of color confronted a professor who had objected to a request by school officials that white people consider avoiding campus on a day of discussions about race. They called him racist and angrily demanded that he be fired. Demonstrations continued the next day with a standoff with the college’s president and other officials.”

But now both universities are facing a backlash.  Alumni financial support is declining.  Applications from incoming students are dropping.  The University of Missouri has been forced to slash budgets and implement layoffs.  Fox News explained:

“Now Evergreen State has experienced a decline in enrollment that has resulted in a $2.1 million budget shortfall, forcing the liberal arts school to announce layoffs…

(At Missouri), freshman enrollment has plunged by 35 percent, and donations to the athletic department have dropped 72 percent over the year before…The University of Missouri had to temporarily close seven dormitories – renting them out for special events, such as homecoming games – and planned to cut 400 jobs.”

The left, as one would expect, blames the problems on public reaction to the universities’ racism, while others (more reasonably, it seems to us) cite public disgust with the schools’ coddling of disruptive students, acquiescing to preposterous demands, and general inability to maintain a wholesome learning environment.

Either way, it seems poetic justice of sorts for the maudlin, liberal schools and their weak-kneed administrations.  We’ll see if the university community can learn from its mistakes.

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