HardWired News was started in 2017 to comment through humor, satire and parody on world and political events.  It’s contributors are:

Caine photo
John G Caine

Managing Editor  John is an escaped convict for political crimes against the liberal establishment.  His exploits are chronicled in the novel Caine’s Pestilence, available on Amazon.com or CannicheCove.com.   He is now an expatriate living in Oliver Paipoonge, Ontario near Thunder Bay.  Contact him at johncaine@hardwirednews.com


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Noj Mocsab

Senior Contributor  Noj is a battling and dogged investigative reporter, and contributor to some of the largest and best known daily newspapers, magazines, and broadcast news programs in America.  He has won numerous awards for his accurate, insightful reporting and talent for getting to the core of complex issues or stories.  He prefers that his image remain anonymous.  Contact him at nojm@hardwirednews.com



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LD Jackson

Guest Contributor  Larry founded and managed for many years one of the most respected and successful political blogs, Political Realities.  HardWired News is proud to have him as a guest contributor.  Reach him by e-mail at contact@cannichecove.com




John Petersburg Harbor cropped
John Bascom

Administrative Assistant  John makes coffee, opens mail and performs menial tasks for the us.  He is a man of no importance and should not be paid attention.  He is allowed to post or comment occasionally in lieu of pay.  A washed-up banker and finance teacher, he now lives in squalor in northern Michigan. Contact him at jgbascom@cannichecove.com (we didn’t want to spend the money to give him a   HardWiredNews.com e-mail account).







This site uses humor, satire and parody for the purposes of political speech, commentary and discussion.  Some news articles may be fictitious for the purposes of satire.  All such content should not be taken literally.  Some of the contributors may use pseudonyms